JSC Grading System 2018 – Hot Latest JSC Result 2018 Bangladesh

JSC Grading System 2018 – Hot Latest JSC Result 2018 Bangladesh

JSC Grading System 2018

Different types of grade systems are available in our education system. Even the PSC and JSC tests also apply to this grade system. Grade system has been compulsory and one of them is JSC Grading System 2018. As if the result can not be imagined without it. I know many people have become a cause for concern. But there really is no reason to worry about it. Because the grade System moves forward at its own pace. And it is determined by the government. We do not have any control over the grade System, it’s because of our country’s policy makers. The results of any test are dependent on its grade System. There are structures in our country and specific gate systems.

And according to those structures, our results are ready. JSC exams have given great importance to the grade system. JSC grading System 2018 is very similar to SSC and HSC. So from now on if you have full idea about your gate system then you will never have to worry about it again in the future. Even you can help your friends understand Gates Temple.

JSC Grading System 2018 in Bangladesh

jsc grading system 2018

Grade system practice has been coming from the past 10 years. In 2010, the first grade system was introduced in JSC test. Since then, the grade System is mandatory for each test. Note that after this there was no change in the gate system. If the change in the gate system, students may have to face various problems. Thinking about the bright future of the students, the grade System is not changed. Starting from HSC to university till the grading system is done. But there are many debates about it. Because a student is not considered to be considered on the mark he received. Even among them, there is a misconception that a person who has a grade point less than a bad student point is a better student. We must come out of this superstition. All students should have equal rights and equal value and importance to all students. Although there is no profit talking about these in our country, so I do not want to raise the word. But whatever has been happening since the past few years, you have no reason to worry about it.

JSC Result 2018

How To Calculate GPA For JSC Exam

You will be surprised to know that it is very easy to find GPA grade. Anyone can solve this problem by following a method. The rule is that the sum of the GPA grade of each subject you have to get divided by the number of those subjects. Cleaning the matter with an example. Your subject is seven. And in these seven subjects you have got plus or there is a mark on the 80. If the GPA of seven Subjects is added then the sum will be 35. And this 35 will be divided by 7, and the divide will come 5. So your result is GPA five, your grade point is GPA 5. Hope to understand Logic.

JSC Exam Marks Distribution

Marks Range Grade Points Grade
80 – 100 5.00 A+
70 – 79 4.00 A
60 – 69 3.50 A-
50 – 59 3.00 B
40 – 49 2.00 C
33 – 39 1.00 D
0 – 32 0.00 F

The Marx distribution of the JSC grading system 2018 changed, which means that there was no price this year in 2017. You want to say something about these new Marcos distributions. According to the update of 2018, the number of children and children in the subject of Bengali and English has decreased by 50. That is, 150 full fish has been completed in Bangla first letter and second letter. But the entire English and English second letter has been 150. Besides, the two Subject Tests have also been dropped, resulting in the mark being reduced. So we can see that many changes took place in 2018 this year compared to that of 2017.

Subject Marks Last Year Marks
Bangla 1st and 2nd paper 100 150
English 1st and 2nd paper 100 150
Math 100 100
Science 100 100
Bangladesh and Word Introduction 100 100
Religion 100 100
ICT 50 50
Home Economics and Agricultural Studies No exam will be held from this year 100

How To Make a Good Result in JSC Exam 2018?

We Bengali’s are very competitive. Of course, this quality should be for everyone. Because nothing good can be done without competition. At present, the competition has come in our studies. Because of this competition, many students are keen to make good results. When they see that their friends are well-resolved, but they are lagging behind, they can accept it, and consequently they study the night in hopes of a better result.

Many of us do not know how to make good results. In fact, there is no substitute for good results. You must be cautious. If you want to get a good result, your first target is to follow all the text books. Because in the original book you can find all your things. Then you can use your guide as a helper. But before using the guide, you have to finish your entire book. Because the question that comes from the board is not done by any guide, it is done from the original book. And if you do not read the original book and run behind the guide then your results will not be able to do well.

PSC Result 2018 Bangladesh

When you read something, if there is anything important in it, then put the underline below it. To make good results, you must pick a good mark in Bengali and English. Much emphasis is given in Bangla and English and memorization of questions is very important. You must be skilled in mathematics as well. If you understand the rules of mathematics then you will feel like water. You have to practice more than that. If necessary, make a figure repeatedly until you understand it.

Within a few days, JSC results will be published and everyone is eagerly waiting for it. Looking at the past years, we see that our results are good every year, but simultaneously the tests are harder than ever. Now teachers are watching every book very seriously. Our teachers have confirmed that they can get the results they get. And our students are studying awake day and night for good results only. They can make their future by only good results

Hopefully we have benefited a lot from reading this post jsc grading system 2018, as far as possible, tried to give us all the right information. Even if you have any comments or questions, please tell in the comment box and I will try to answer it as soon as possible.

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