JSC Result 2018 – Bangladesh All Education Board Result 2018 With Marks sheet

JSC Result 2018 – Bangladesh All Education Board Result 2018 With Marks sheet

Are you searching for the jsc result 2018? If you are looking for jsc result 2018 then you will get the result from our website. You can also get you jsc result by sms. Here we have published all borads result. So, why are you waiting for ? Grab the jsc result now.

The JUNIOR SCHOOL CERTIFICATE Exam, well known as JSC Exam, is a public exam held in Bangladesh for the students who had successfully completed their schooling regularly, for eight solid years.  It is the second largest public exam held in Bangladesh. The public exam of JSC is managed and conducted by the General Education Board of Bangladesh. In total, 8 General Boards and 1 Madrasah Board of Bangladesh, conduct this Junior School Certificate Exam including other equivalent exams in the country.

The Certification of JSC is followed by the Secondary School Certification (SSC), which is suggested and meant as mandatory for all the candidates. Every year a huge number of students attend the exam throughout the country. Each one of them writes their exams by selecting their own preferred Education boards. It was studied that most of the students are scoring well and are keenly interested to attend the JSC Exam to step into the next grade of school standard.

It was formerly introduced in the intention for making the extremely poor and indigent candidates to compete with all other students belonging to other parts of the country. The examinees are also permitted to re-write the exam if in case they had failed to get pass marks or failed to score well.

jsc result 2018

The students, who are now studying in their Class 8, regardless of their education boards, are eligible to write the upcoming JSC Exam, to be admitted in the next standard of Class 9. The dates are yet to be announced, for the JSC Exam that is to be held in 2018. Mostly, this exam is conducted every year in the first week of November. And probably, it is expected that the upcoming JSC would be commencing on 1st November 2018. Both the Exams named JSC and JDC, are conducted at the same time and same day throughout the country. And the JSC Result 2018 would be declared soon during the month of December or even in the same month of November, in which it was held. The education Board would announce the results through the Directorate of Primary Education Website.

JSC JDC Result 2018 Publish Date

The JSC Exam of 2018 is organized and declared to be held on 1st of November 2018. And it continues to be till the 15th of November. Soon after the exams are completed, the students can get ready to get their results from various online and network portals. Most probably, the JSC exam results of 2018, are awaited to be published in the month of December. Also PSC Result has been published, you will get the psc result too. A total of 26,70,333 —- 14,46,601 girls and 12,23,732 boys —- have registered from 29,677 schools and madrasas for this year’s exams.

JSC result 2017 all education board result

jsc exam dhaka 2018

The government of Bangladesh has announced that the number of subjects of JSC Exam has been reduced by 3 from the current count of 10. They have made it to a total of 8 subjects by dropping the second papers. Secretary of Secondary and Higher Secondaries, Mr. Sohrab Hossain declared it to the reporters that 200 scores would be deducted from the total scores. It has been made to 650 total scores from 850. It was declared that there would be no second papers in both English and Bangla subjects. And in addition to that, there would also be an optional subject to be chosen by the candidate itself.

The Secretary told that these efforts are only taken for reducing the stress on the students and to score well in both JDC (Junior Dakhil Certificate) and JSC Exams. He also added that the students would not face any issues due to such academic changes.

JSC Grading System 2018

The Education Boards of Bangladesh has distributed and organized the system of marks of JSC Exam, in a unique format. And it should be well understood by the candidates, before attending the exams. The Result is based on the Grade Point Average (GPA) formula. It solely depends on the marks scored in each subject and ultimately, on the grade scored in each of the subjects.

For instance, if you had scored 80 marks in an average of all subjects, then the GP awarded to you will be as GP 5.00. And if in case that you had scored 79 marks, then you will be awarded a GP of 4.50 only. The average marks of all subjects would be the final Grade of your JSC Exam. It is better if you make a note that all Bangladeshi Exams will publish their results’ in this format of Grades only. Here i embed a youtube video, that will help you to better understand about jsc mark distribution.

For the better understanding of the marks distribution system of JSC Exam, a clear image has been displayed for you,


Range of Marks Grade Point (GP)  Grade Awarded
0 To 32 0.00 F
33 To 39 1.00 D
40 To 49 2.00 C
50 To 59 3.00 B
60 To 69 3.50 A-
70 To 79 4.00 A
80 to 100 5.00 A+

How To Get JSC Result 2018 By SMS

If you want to check the results of your JSC exam written, then you do have a number of options. You may choose for the SMS option or through online in various websites and also in Android apps. The message must be sent from a Bangladeshi Mobile Operators only. For checking the JSC Result 2018 via SMS, you need to follow the below format to send the message.



Here, you need to know the first three letters of your education board to check the result through SMS. In the above Example 1, you may see the three letters of Dhaka Board written as DHA. If you are the candidate who has undertaken JSC exam under Dhaka Education Board, then you need to type the same. This is the exact format of SMS for JSC result 2018 Dhaka board. If you are the one who had undergone JSC Exam in Madrasah Education Board, you need to type as ‘MAD’, as in Example 2.

Following are some of the boards for which the corresponding three letters are indicated for the candidates to make use of it in the upcoming days.

JSC Result 2018 Rajshahi Board –RAJ

JSC Result 2018 Chittagong Board –CHI

JSC Result 2018 Barisal Board -BAR

JSC Result 2018 Dinajpur Board –DIN

JSC Result 2018 Jessore Board –JES

JSC Result 2018 Sylhet Education Board – SYL

JSC Result 2018 Rangpur Education Board- RAN

JSC Result 2018 Technical Education Board- TEC


How To Get JSC Results 2018 Through Online and Android Apps:

As stated above, the JSC results in 2018 can be checked through online via different websites and also through various Android Apps. You can check for all the boards JSC results, in the official website of BD Education Board at www.educationboardresults.gov.bd or at www.eboardresults.com.

Open the portal, click on the JSC/SSC/HSC Result button, then input all the necessary details demanded, and then press ‘Enter’. You can also verify for the results of the candidates of JSC exam written under Dhaka Education Board at www.dhakaeducationboard.gov.bd

For clear understanding, you can follow the steps ahead,

  • Open the Official Website
  • Select your Exam types like JSC or SSC or HSC
  • Input the year of Examination
  • Input the Board of Education
  • Input the stipulated Individual Roll number
  • Then type in the Registration Number
  • You need to solve the given Captcha now
  • Press the Submit Button

And you are done. You will be flashed with a screen of your JSC Result 2018 score.

For the ease of use and getting the results with no hindrance, all the websites are designed in the same formats, which asks for the same details regardless of the different portals of different Education boards. And the page looks as shown below,


Android Apps like Teletalk Powered Education Board Result Apps, can be downloaded from the Google Play store and the JSC results of all boards can be verified. You have numerous options when you go for checking the results and may adapt for one such kind and download the same in your Android.  Verify your JSC Exam results as quick as possible in the Apps, since you can get your results within few minutes of its publications.

JSC Result 2018 Mark Sheet

When every student will be looking for the results to check from any of the online portals or by any means, no one would ever strike to grab the entire result of your schoolmates. But here, with EIIN number, you have an excellent chance of verifying all your buddies results in one shot. Still many are wondering to get the full institute result, with improper knowledge. The thing is that, if you come to know your Institute EIIN Number, then you can easily check your whole institute JSC results. Most of the online portals provide the candidates, to check for the JSC results via EIIN number. For instance, here one such portal is taken into account to furnish the details and procedure for checking the results. It is www.eboardresults.com. When you open the page for checking the result, you would get a flashed screen as shown below,

Here, you need to enter the Board of Education first, in which you have written. Then Input the EIIN Number of your school or institution. It would be the unique number given for your institution by the Ministry of Education of Bangladesh. Then you need to enter the exam name that you have written. Here, it is JSC. So, input JSC in the ‘Type of result’ space. If demanded, you are requested to input your name and the year of examination. After entering all such details, you can press the ‘Get Institution Result’. Now you will be with a screen flashed with the details of JSC results of your entire institution. It is conveniently easy to know all your friends’ results in one quick shot with no difficulties.

How To do JSC Challenge 2018

Many call it as Re-scrutiny/Re-check/Board Khata of Boards, which is ultimately the process of making their written JSC/JDC and similar such papers, to be reprocessed. Here, you need to apply for the same. After writing your JSC exams, and once when the results get published, if you feel that you are not satisfied with the results, you may apply for the re-scrutiny process. Your JSC papers would be rechecked and re-evaluated again, and the new marks would be published on the stipulated date. Here, if the JSC Results 2018 were declared in the month of December, then the scrutiny results would be published thereafter. Most probably, it would be during the month of January. Sources state that the Scrutiny Results for JSC 2018 would be published on 29th January 2018.

JSC Exam Result – All Education Board

jsc exam result 2018

  • The first ever JSC Examinations were held on November 4th to 10th, in the year 2011.
  • The results of the same were published on December 31, 2011.
  • Total of 1.5 million candidates participated in the first ever JDC and JSC Examinations, whereas it has increased to 2.5 million till the year 2018.
  • In the beginning, the number of students attending the JSC Exams in 2011 was 12,84,078, whereas the figure has a drastic hike in the year 2018 by 19,67,447.
  • Among the total participants of the candidates for the JSC Exams in the year 2018, there are 914,900 male candidates and 1,052,547 female candidates.
  • A total number of schools participating in such Exams are 18,778.
  • There is a total of 8 significant General Education Boards and 1 Madrasah Board of Bangladesh, conducting these Exams.
  • There are 260 centers that conduct these exams yearly. You have some 253 out of it, within the country whereas the remaining can be spotted outside Bangladesh. These 253 centers are used by the citizenships of the country who are residing herein, and the centers located outside the country are for the welfare of the students willing to attend the exams living outside Bangladesh.
  • The total number of participants who are under the supervision of Dhaka Education Board of Bangladesh alone is total of 3,74,440.
  • And you could see that there is a minimum count of students under the Sylhet Education Board only. This is for the reason that it comes under the rural provision.
  • Among the count specified for the total number of participants for JSC Exams, all belong to the stipulated 8 boards and 1 Madrasah Board of Bangladesh. Besides them, only 585 students are waiting for writing the exam from the abroad centers.

JSC Scholarship Result 2018

Based on the result obtained in the JSC 2018 Exams, the students are designated, to be eligible for the stipulated JSC Scholarship 2018. Bangladesh Education Board organizes these scholarships. Generally, the JSC Result 2018 under all boards, is expected to be published in the month of December. Hence, the JSC Scholarship Result 2018, will also be commenced thereafter, most probably within 90 days of publication of JSC Results 2018.

There are two main categories availed in the scholarship of JSC. They are,

1) Talent Pool Scholarship-

This category of the scholarship will be awarded for the students who have scored within the range of 90-95 marks overall. Yes, they would be granted an offer amount every month or in a yearly period. The amount allocated for the candidates is decided and authorized by the Bangladesh Education Board only. Each year the number of students who are getting scores in between this range is been increasing and the scholarship has been given to them without any issues.

2) General Grade Scholarship

General grade scholarship is awarded for the students who have scored between 85-90 range. But the amount given to such students are comparatively lower than the students attaining Talent Pool Scholarship. The General Education Board of Bangladesh organizes all the budgets and the dates of rewarding the scholarship money.

For a better clarification, you may have a glance at the following data, which was awarded in the previous years.

Scholarship Name Monthly Stipend Yearly Stipend
Talent Pool Scholarship 300 3600
General Grade Scholarship 225 2700


After the announcement of the stipends awarded for each of the students through the JSC Scholarship Result 2018, the same are offered within the next six months of period. All the candidates who have keenly written the exam of JSC, regardless of any board including JSC Result 2018 Dhaka Board, would be eagerly waiting for the publications of the JSC Scholarship Result 2018 too.

Verdict On JSC Result 2018

JSC Exams are the general public exam meant for all the students regardless of their education boards under which they are been organized. Students of Class 8, of the year 2018, are eligible to write the commencing JSC Exam of November 2018. As stated earlier, the JSC Exam result for 2018 batch, would be commencing from November 1st, 2018. Students are requested to check for the websites, stated in this article, regularly to be updated about the reliable information on JSC Result 2018. All the convenient methods have been mentioned here, for checking the results of the JSC Exams with no troubles. And for more news and updates on JSC Scholarship Result 2018, the official website of Education Board of Bangladesh would be suggested.

JSC Result 2018 - Bangladesh All Education Board Result 2018 With Marks sheet 1

JSC Result 2018


JSC Result 2018


JSC Result 2018 By SMS


JSC Result 2018 Publish Date


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