PSC Result 2018 Bangladesh @ | PSC Results

PSC Result 2018 Bangladesh @ | PSC Results

Are you Looking For the result of PSC result 2018? Which is also known as Prathomik Somaponi. You will be glad to know that you can get the psc result from our website. In our website we clearly published a guide that will help you to get psc result 2018. PSC Result 2018 will be published towards the end of December. The result can be found on the official website of DPE which is This year a total of 30, 96,075 students will be appearing for the PSC result and Ebtedayee examination. Last year, the total number of the candidates was 32, 30,288 out of which the total number of PSC candidates is 28 Lakh 04 thousand and whereas the number Ebtedayee Exam candidates are 2 Lakh 91 thousand and 556. The total number of male candidates is 14 Lakh 53 thousand and 137 while a total number of female candidates is 16 Lakh 42 thousand and 938.

PSC Result 2018 –

The Directorate of Primary Education has however not fixed any exact date for the publish PSC Result yet. Like previous years PSC and Ebtedayee result will be published in the last week of December 2018. As soon as the DPE will announce about the final date of the PSC Result 2018, it will be updated at our website.

Last year, the total number of PSC examination centers this year will be around 7194 out of which there will be consisted of 11 centers outside the country (overseas).  As per the directions of the board, the starting time of the test is 11:00 a.m. which will end at 1:30 p.m. The test will be allocated with a total time of two and a half hours sharp.  Apart from this, the students, who are especially challenged, will be getting an additional time of 20 minutes for answering the paper.

The printing of the question papers and its distribution are undertaken under special security measures. The question papers are sent to 367 remote test centers under special security arrangement and the answer papers had taken to the test centers with all-out security arrangement on exam days.

The process of publishing the result will be undertaken through a series of steps.  In the beginning, the result sheets will be handed over to the Prime Minister by the Directorate of Primary Education. The Prime Minister will be then announcing the summary of the results. The summary of the results will be including the division wise pass are through the press briefing. After the announcement, the result sheets will be passed on to the respective institutions. The result can be found at the official website of DPE which is

Where to Get PSC Result 2018 –

Normally, the psc scholarship result 2018 is placed by the officials on the official site of DPE after the result is announced by the Education Minister of the country in an official manner. You can visit the official website of DPE at Most of the students use this particular website for getting their results and access their results. However, there are many more sites available on the search engine which provides PSC Results 2018. As there are a huge number of students who give the examination every year, it becomes quite difficult for a single website to be available or the candidates. So, for serving help in these cases, there are a few third party sites which would offer the candidates to get access to their PSC Result 2018 without much hassle.

These are the websites which provide assistance to the candidates to get their results:-


The students can check their PSC Results from these online websites listed above or through SMS or Android App (if available). You can go through the information given below for checking your PSC Results 2018 in an easy and hassle-free manner.

How To check PSC Exam Result 2018 Online ?

If you want to catch hold of your attained marks in the PSC Examination 2018 online, here are the easy steps which you make use of.


  • First, visit the website of Directorate of Primary Education Bangladesh at
  • Make Selection of your Examination Type (such as PSC or EBT) on the home page.
  • Next, select the name of the District to which you belong
  • Select your Thana/Upzilla Name or Code
  • Select the year of Passing (For getting PSC Result 2018, select the year 2018)
  • Enter your Examination Roll Number.
  • Submit the entire details.
  • The final PSC Result 2018 appears on the screen.
  • You can check your marks and even get it downloaded.

You can get your final result and pass certificates from the school in a few days time.

Get PSC Exam Result 2018 via SMS:

In order to get your PSC result 2018 on your mobile phone through SMS, you need to type:-

(The format provided below is the sample from the previous year)

DPE Student ID and Send to 16222


DPE<space>Thana Code<space>Roll Number<space>2018 and send to 16222

The students can check their PSC Result on basis of their boards in this manner too. They can get their PSC Result 2018 Dhaka Board and for other boards just by using the appropriate Thana code through mobile SMS. The above-mentioned pattern of SMS is the format for the previous year. We would soon be updating the latest format after the board reveals it. Visit us timely for keeping update information.

Get PSC Exam Results using Android App:

As per the information which is flying around, it is expected that the PSC results will also be available through the Android application. However, as of now, there is no official app which students can download from their Android mobiles to get access to their PSC Result 2018. If the board comes up with any such kind of applications, we would be uploading the details and link for the same. However, it is recommended to the students that they should get swayed up with all these information. They are advised to stay calm and wait until the authorities’ release their final verdict regarding any such options.

Students can get their results from several sources. The student can get their results from their respective institutions. Apart from that, they can get their result from the official website of DPE. Candidates can also opt for sending SMS from their mobiles to get their complete psc result 2018.

PSC Exam Result 2018 for All Board

Checkout PSC Result 2018 Dhaka Board

Checkout PSC Results 2018 Barisal Board

Checkout PSC Result 2018 Comilla Board

Checkout PSC Results 2018 Sylhet Board

Checkout Result 2018 Dinajpur Board

Checkout PSC Results 2018 Rajshahi Board

Checkout PSC Result 2018 Jessore Board

Checkout PSC Results 2018 Chittagong Board

Checkout PSC Result 2018 Madrasha Board

Please feel the below advice to locate PSC result 2018 By plank shrewd.

PSC Result 2018 Dhaka Board

For those who might have composed the PSC exam while in the calendar year 2018 underneath the Dhaka Board of both DPE and also searching for that PSC final results 2018 Dhaka Board afterward you definitely may examine your effect on line from your Dhaka plank internet site by the end department or by the administration instruction plank site. The precise date to its end result announcement from the Dhaka board on line will probably soon be shortly published.

PSC Result 2018 Dinajpur Board

1 boards out of the college students come inside the Main School Certificate evaluation could be your Dinajpur. On the list of lakhs of applicants, a number of the college students out of this plank have composed that the last examination as a way to acquire in with their second degree of research studies. In light of that they truly are happy to be aware of the PSC Outcomes 2018 Dinajpur Board plus so they are able to stop by the state site around the end result day to confirm their faces.

PSC Results 2018 Rajshahi Board

Students may check their marks from their PSC examinations throughout the SMS procedure as stated above giving the Thana code of their plank together side the phone quantity. Inside couple of moments contenders could get their PSC Effect 2018 Rajshahi Board in their own cellphone. It really is potential just following the statement of this outcome.

PSC Results 2018 Sylhet Board

This season 1000s of pupils pursuing their main instruction of some course 5 at the educational institutions of their Sylhet board at the PSC assessments. College students are interested to Be Aware of Their PSC End Result 2018 Sylhet Board of those DPE. It’s stated the newspaper correction is penalized and also the applicants may wait patiently a few more times to find the consequences to stand outside. Meanwhile, we take a peek within our portal site to the specific day.

PSC Result 2018 Jessore Board

If you’re eager to look at the PSC end result Jessore Board and download the mark-sheet of exactly the exact same, and then you definitely may go to this specific board internet site or visit the DPE internet site to this particular. The PSC Outcomes 2018 Jessore Board marks Me Mo that you simply assess from the on the web is simply for your own reference and you’ll receive the initial one by the various board authorities.

PSC Result 2018 Barisal Board

Barisal is among those boards underneath DPE by which college students come from the PSC exams annually. Last past year that the tests were stored in November and also contenders of this exam in Barisal are still searching for your outcomes. They are able to assess their PSC Outcomes 2018 Barisal Boardin your DPE federal government internet site and we’ll grant the direct connection .

PSC Results 2018 Chittagong Board

College students of most of the boards recorded previously will assess their derive out of their various board portals should potential or out of the educational institutions government or in your state site. PSC end result 2018 Chittagong Board is vital for its college students to understand if or not they qualify to your own secondary scientific tests or never. Consequently, they truly are awaiting to the effect that’s inclined to be declared from the conclusion of the season.

PSC Result 2018 Comilla Board

Candidates who’ve emerged from the PSC assessments from your comilla instruction board need to attend several time to look at their PSC Outcomes 2018 comilla Board since it was a number of days which the examination in excess of. All of the trainings have been designed to its re lease of this PSC end result 2018 at the conclusion of December and you also may stay educated together to the upgrade.

Ebtedayee Result 2018 Madrasah Board

Ebtedayee assessments which can be ran with the Bangladesh Madrasah instruction board November 2018 is likely to undoubtedly be for sale from the various board internet site i.e., along with also the applicants may assess their Ebtedayee Somaponi Outcomes 2018 Madrasah Board mainly about an identical period at the PSC effect is going to be published since exams of held exactly the same moment. You may see this particular page to get the precise PDC end result releasedate to this particular season. Also JSC Result has been published, you will get the jsc result too.


Tips for scoring better marks in PSC Examinations 2018:

If you want to get good results in your PSC examination 2018, you can follow these tips and tricks:-

Taking in knowledge in an efficient manner:

  • Paying attention to the classes: The best thing you can do so that you can raise your PSC marks is to pay attention in the class. Do not allow your mind to wander so that you do not miss out on key information that will later appear on your PSC question paper.
  • Taking proper notes: This is important if you want to have an easier time studying later. Writing the information down while learning helps in absorbing the information and paying attention. Moreover, the written information will serve as a reference for when you go to study later.
  • Doing homework: Homework, such as assignments and at-home reading are is important to be completed. Make sure that you schedule your time and set aside a quiet place just for homework so that you do not need to rush with the entire syllabus later.
  • Using mnemonic and other tricks: Various tricks related to the memory really can be useful for remembering certain things like numbers, categories, and lists. Mnemonics are basically the phrases which can assist you in remembering the order of certain things.
  • Solving practice papers: Ask your teacher or go online and print a few practice tests. If you take up a practice test, it will help you to figure out how much information you actually know because knowing your weak spots prior to a test is crucial.

Studying like professional:

  • Studying frequently: Studying hard on the night before the exams will not be enough to score good marks.  If you want to top those exams with a good result, you need to study old and new material every day, or at least several times a week.
  • Take study breaks: While studying, make sure that you take a 5-10 minute break after every 30 minutes of study. This will actually help to keep your brain from getting overloaded. While you are taking study breaks, try not to stuff in your brain with more information, no matter whatever is the topic.
  • Studying according to the manner which helps you to learn faster: Each person has a different learning style. Where some people are visual learners, some of them do prefer sound while some need physical motion, and so on. So, know how you can learn the best and work that into how you study.
  • Take advantage of your sense memory: Our brain is pretty smart at connecting smells or sounds with ideas or memories. So, you should take advantage of this feature. While studying, wear some unusual smell or perfume and then expose yourself to that unusual smell again before or during a test.
  • Listen to music while on break: Soft music helps to clear off the burdens of your overloaded minds. So, while taking study breaks, you can try to listen to some music for a fresher mind.

Preparing the body for studying:

  • Maintaining proper diet: A healthy body leads to a healthy mind. You should eat healthy food so that your body remains fit and you can concentrate on your studies and exams in a better manner.
  • Ensuring a proper amount of sleep: Do not get overstressed with the thoughts of the exams. Remain cool and try to take complete sleep so that your brain gets enough rest to start with new stuff the next day. It is a good practice to go to bed early the night before a test instead of staying up all night to study.
  • Having all the necessary supplies: Make sure that while going for the exam, you have all your necessary stuff with yourself. Go for your test with all of the pens, pencils, and admit cards.
  • Drinking enough water: If you get dehydrated during a test, it can distract you and reduce the ability to think clearly. So, try to keep yourself hydrated before your test. Carrying a bottle of water with you to the examination hall is a wise choice.

Acting the tests:

  • Writing the important things first: As the test starts, first, write down all formulas on some rough paper before you start solving the question paper. This will help keep you from getting blank when you need that information.
  • Solving the problems which you know first: Remember to always do the fast, easy problems first. This will help you to make sure that you have as much of the test done as possible without any waste of time in thinking.
  • Attempting all the questions: Unless you do not know anything related to the topic, never leave your answer script blank. You can at least try to write in the relative details of the topic so that it can earn you some marks. In case multiple choices; you will at least have a 25% chance of getting the right answer.
  • Keep your head calm: Never ever lose your calm while writing an exam. Once you start hurrying, you will lose your concentration and it may result in n incorrect answers.

About PSC Result 2018:-

During the ancient period and the middle ages, the education system which had evolved in the soils of the Indian subcontinent was both theological as well as philosophical in its approach.  The indigenous education system had indirectly alienated itself from the common people. The modern system of education was introduced and implemented by the British during their rule.

The period of modern education came into effect in around 1971 when the people had fought a glorious war to gain complete Independence from the external rule.  According to the constitution of Bangladesh, the provision of primary education to its citizens shall be the responsibility of the State. As per the constitution of Bangladesh, the provisions of primary education which will be provided to its citizen include the following:

The State shall adopt the effective measures for serving the purposes of

  • Establishment of a uniform, mass-oriented and a universal system of education along with an extension of free and compulsory education to all the children at such stage as may be determined by law;
  • Making relations between education to the needs of the society and producing well trained and motivated citizens for serving the needs of the State;
  • Eradicating illiteracy within such time as may be determined by the law.

The Education of Bangladesh:

The Bangladesh Education Commission had made up a set of objectives in the year 1974. The set of objectives dealt with the objectives and points which were necessary to be considered for proper primary education in the country.

According to the set of objectives by the Bangladesh Education Commission, these points were to be noticed:-

  1. To ensure proper development and nurture of the morale of the child along with growth in mental and social personality;
  2. To bring up the child as a patriotic, responsible, inquiring and law-abiding citizen, and develop the feelings of love for justice, dignity, labor, proper conduct and uprightness in him or her.
  3. To carry on the process of proper learning so that the child is able to read and write in his or her mother tongue, and should also be able to solve basic arithmetic or counting and calculations.
  4. To own the ability so that the child can acquire the fundamental knowledge and skills needed for being a future citizen;
  5. To prepare for the next stage of the higher education.

It can be said that not all of the recommendations made by the Bangladesh Education commission was implemented. The Government, however, had nationalized nearly 36,165 primary schools in the year 1973 under an Act which was named Primary Education Taking Over Act and also declared 1,57,724 teachers of those schools as the part of government servants or government employees. Ever since then, the process of strengthening and improving the primary education management has become a part of the responsibilities of the State. Many planned steps were gradually taken for the development of primary education since then.

Directorate of Primary education Of Bangladesh:

DPE or Directorate of Primary Education of Bangladesh is the prime education board of the Bangladesh which was formed after the partition of Bengal. The board was formed on 4th November 1972 and works under the MoPMe or the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education. The DPE and its subordinate offices look after the management and supervise the primary level of education in the country. Apart from these duties; DPE also has responsibilities of recruitment, transfer, and posting of the teachers and the other working staffs. It also undertakes after the work of supervision of the institutions and fair distribution of textbooks and other stuff. The DPE is also responsible for organizing the primary School Certificate and Junior School Certificate exams in the country.  Every year, lakhs of candidates sit for the exams of PSC and the psc result 2018 are released on the official website of the board.


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